CMO Summit – special edition


The Chief Marketing Officer in the Age of the Twin Transition
AI to escape overload

As platforms proliferate online, our minds are continually exposed to information overload, generating background noise and impacting our ability to focus. In the age of the attention economy, brands are experiencing a fierce competition, juggling notifications, ads and content of all kinds in order to catalyze the interest of consumers, who are increasingly demanding, in terms of quality, sustainability and reliability, but with an attention span closer and closer to that of a goldfish.


In this ocean of stimulation, it is the Chief Marketing Officer who holds the helm of brand equity and visibility. His analytical skills, combined with a goal-oriented strategic approach and a keen adaptability to innovation, define the company's course toward balancing profit maximization with meeting stakeholder needs.


What, however, are the cardinal points to consider in order to gain real competitive advantage on that fine line of navigation to be maintained between emotional and artificial intelligence, looking at content personalization, issues of social relevance, and authentic consumer interaction?


This will be the initial question that professionals in digital transformation will try to answer during CMO Summit, the format of Business International - Fiera Milano during the 2024 edition of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics.


Participants will be involved in an unprecedented gamification experience, which will ensure an interactive involvement of participants, turning them into protagonists of the topics discussed. Each participant will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and play an active role. An innovative approach that will make the event not only more dynamic and fun, but also more effective in encouraging the sharing of ideas and solutions.


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