What is Milan Games Week & Cartoomics?

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics is Italy's largest consumer show dedicated to gaming, esports and pop culture in all its nuances, from comics, fantasy fiction, role-playing and board games to cinema, entertainment, and cosplayers.



Where and when will it take place this year?

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics will take place at Fiera Milano Rho from November 24 to 26, 2023.



What is the opening and closing time?

The opening hours are as follows:

daily from 10 a.m.* to 8 p.m.

*RARE, EPICO and LEGENDARY ticket holders will have access to the Event one hour earlier than the official opening.



I will bring my child with me, do children pay for the ticket?

For children up to 5 years old, admission is free. From 6 to 10 years old, the ticket is reduced. See the "ticketing" section on the homepage for more information and prices.



Are there any age restrictions for Milan Games Week & Cartoomics?

No restrictions regarding age. Everyone from 0 to 99 years old can enter the event! We recommend that minors be always accompanied by an adult.



I am unable to print my ticket. What can I do?

We always recommend printing your ticket on paper. You can also show tickets directly from your smartphone, but beware, the QR code must be readable!



I am an exhibitor and would like to participate in the event.

Send an email to  and we will provide you with all the necessary info.



I would like to participate as a sponsor of the event.

Send an e-mail to  and we will provide you with all the necessary info.



Will there be the same things for all three days?

As for the exhibitors, they will be the same for all three days. The schedule of shows, guests and offerings will vary from day to day: check the PORGRAMME page for all the information.



Where can I get food and drink?

There are many food outlets of all kinds inside Fiera Milano Rho.



Will there be wi-fi at the event?

Fiera Milano Rho has free public wi-fi, which may be slowed down due to the many simultaneous connections.



If I have a day ticket, can I leave and re-enter the event on the same day?

No, once you leave, you cannot re-enter the event with the same ticket.



I am a blogger or journalist; how can I receive a press accreditation?

You need to submit a request through the appropriate form in the "PRESS ACCREDITATION" section. Our press office will confirm whether or not you have been registered.



Do I need a press accreditation to take photos, videos, or interviews during the event?

You do not need a press accreditation; you can always film and photograph areas of the event with a few exceptions. Some exhibitors may ask that certain games not be filmed or photographed. Please respect this rule.



I am a developer and would like to exhibit my game in the INDIE area of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics.

Send an email to and we will provide you with all the necessary info.



I am a cosplayer. What are the regulations regarding props and weapons?

Sharp metal blades or blunt objects, objects that can shoot projectiles, even rubber ones, are strictly prohibited. Security will reserve the right to seize any objects it may deem dangerous.

For more information, visit the dedicated section: COSPLAY INFO




I would like to take my dog with me. Can four-legged friends enter the event?

Due to the large number of participants during Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, the event is not the appropriate place to bring our four-legged friends. Therefore, it is not possible to bring your dogs during the event.




Where and when can I collect my RARE, EPIQUE and LEGENDARY special ticket gadgets and merchandising?

Gadgets and merchandising included in RARE, EPIC and LEGENDARY tickets will be available for pick-up at Milan Games Week & Cartoomics during the event. Further details will be announced.




Milan Games Week & Cartoomics is pleased to welcome all cosplay enthusiasts, subject to the rules below:


All accessories and/or reproductions of weapons must comply with the law. In any case, Fiera Milano, also through controls carried out by means of metal detectors and scanners, reserves the right not to allow the introduction into the Quarter of objects or substances that may be considered harmful to the safety of visitors.


  • Accessories and reproductions of weapons should be harmless and recognizable.
  • Instruments that can shoot projectiles of any material are prohibited.
  • Reproductions of firearms must have a red cap or have the barrel colored red for at least 3 cm.
  • Reproductions of bladed weapons, as well as blunt instruments/objects, will be allowed only if they are made of lightweight materials and in any case without sharp points and cutting edges. Metal reproductions will not be allowed.
  • Please note that there are no temporary storage facilities for anything that is not allowed in the Quarter.